Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti by La Maison de la Vanille Review

Vanille Fleurie de Tahiti                                       100ml EDT for $60 USD from Luckyscent

Notes: Vanilla, bergamot, amber, fruit, cedar, ylang-ylang, tonka bean and incense.

I brought the set of all 5 La Maison de la Vanille 15ml EDT’s for $50 on Luckyscent and thought each perfume deserved its own review rather than a combined set one.

It has the same slightly fizzy bergamot opening as most of the collection but a ylang-ylang and vanilla combination quickly comes into play. It’s creamy and sweet but also rather sophisticated. It’s very refreshing and upbeat whilst staying smooth and warm. It’s, however, unfortunately a bit soapy with the same underlining scent that stops me from loving this collection as much as I want to.

As it dries down it becomes more woody, the cedar kicking in, and a smoky with a touch of incense. The ylang-ylang, in particular, still stays strong. A powdery tonka-bean with a hint of amber comes into play shortly after. It’s easy to wear, is gender-neutral and is rather safe.

I don’t think it develops further and stays this way for the rest of the four or so hours before it fades away. I don’t find it as complex as the rest of the collection and feel like they made this one last copying aspects from the other ones. 6/10.

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