Enchanted Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift Review

Enchanted Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift                             50ml EDP for $50 NZD from a local department store

Notes: Wild berries, poppy, passion-fruit, peony, sugar, champaca, freesia, white musk, vanilla and blonde woods .

This was a perfume I kept trying and it stood out to me among relatively cheap and chemical celebrity brands so I gave in and bought it on sale. The opening is slightly chemically sweet but settles quickly. I’m not a fruity person but I actually like the berries in this, it is sugar-coated almost-plasticy berries though. On clothing I get more berries and even the passionflower coming through but on my skin it’s much more subdued which I like.

When the vanilla, which I love, kicks in about half an hour in it’s a sugary vanilla with a kind of rosy berry background. BUT then, after about an hour or so in, it becomes this lovely warm woody-vanilla-musk scent. This is where it shines for me as it’s a little bit mysterious and, yes, enchanting. It’s an autumn (but can be worn in any season) scent for me and I imagine someone wearing it as they walk around a forest full of falling and wind-blown golden leaves.

I can’t really place many of the notes in this perfume as it seems to be cheap chemical interpretations of various notes similar to other perfumes in this price-range. So it’s ‘berry-notes’, ‘floral-notes’ and ‘woody-notes’ to me instead of specific notes like strawberry, freesia or sandalwood. But, nonetheless, it’s nice. I also like layering with this perfume, it sweetens up darker scents or can be toned down with them.

One or two sprays is plenty and sillage is moderate as is longevity – I get about 6 hours but the last two are very subtle. The bottle is gorgeous, sparkly red and gold with cute charms. I have tried the original Wonderstruck and find this one more mature and deeper in comparison, especially the dry down. This is a fun, sweet and youthful perfume and I really like the woody-vanilla-musk base. 7/10 for me.