1270 by Frapin Review

1270 by Frapin                                                                      100ml EDP for $175 USD from LuckyScent

Notes: Dried orange, hazelnut, resins, dried plums, cocoa, tonka and coffee in top notes. The heart encompasses vine blossom, linden tree, pepper and spices. The base brings us precious wood, Guaiac wood, white honey and vanilla.

1270 was the year that Frapin family founded their brand and I’ve heard a lot about this famous niche perfume so thought I should try it. This is basically a solely pineapple scent for me. It’s strange that pineapple isn’t a listed note but it’s widely accepted as one by the community and is one of the main notes according to Fragrantica. It’s light, refreshing and uplifting.

Other fruity aspects come into it and, although the fruity notes are listed as dried, smell wet and fresh. It has some cologne and booze aspects to it. It smells like something a rich person, of any gender, would wear on a cruise ship through exotic islands whilst drinking a cocktail on a hammock. As it dries down it becomes darker with a touch of cocoa, coffee, pepper and spices. At this point it leans a tad more masculine.

It walks a fine line between sweet and sour. It’s classy and well blended. An hour or so further into the dry down it becomes woody and honeyed with the pineapple still being king. I get very little, if any, vanilla. It’s a very fascinating soft fruity oriental gourmand.

At times 1270 actually begins to make my stomach curl – the scent becomes off-putting to me for some reason. Sillage is very soft and it only lasts a few hours on me because of how soft it is – it vanishes quickly. Considering I don’t like pineapple or too fruity scents this isn’t for me. 5/10.


Eau Duelle by Diptyque Review

Eau Duelle by Diptyque                                                      100ml EDT for $135 USD from LuckyScent

Notes: Cardamom, cyprus, elemi, pink pepper, juniper, saffron, calamus, black tea, olibanum, amber, firnat vanilla, bourbon vanilla and white musk.

I was recommend this perfume by another vanilla lover who called it a ‘cold and spicy vanilla’ which is a very apt description of it. However I also find it bitter, sour, pungent and headache-inducing. No, I do not like this and I apologize for this because I hear it is well liked. Maybe it just doesn’t suit my body chemistry and maybe I should try the new EDP version which is apparently quite different but, after months of trying, I’m just not warming up to it.

This opens on me as sharp, cold and bitter. I get the pink pepper, bergamot and tea quite strongly. It’s airy, green and spicy to me. I feel like it’s a completely different perfume than the favorable reviews portray. It took me a moment to recognize the cardamom because I’ve smelt it in mostly warm and cozy perfumes so it was a twist in this.

The images that it brings to mind is an aromatic forest where it’s just began to snow or, equally, like a bitter but proper old lady in a tea parlor. It also smells rather sad like you’re sitting at a graveyard of someone you loved in cold weather. It’s like a cold spiced vodka tea cocktail.

I smell very little vanilla for the first few hours but then a sad bourbon vanilla comes through. It does settle into something subtler with more vanilla and gets a bit warmer as it dries down but I still don’t like it very much. 4.5/10.