FirebirdBathBody Sample Review


I bought a set of three 1ml samples from FirebirdBathBody on Etsy for $6 NZD. The value of these is great because a full 9ml roll on perfume oil bottle is about $13 NZD.

Woodsmoke and Vanilla: This is a lovely and cosy scent. It definitely smells of wood-smoke but in a fireplace-way more than a campfire-way like Memoirs of a Trespasser by Imaginary Authors is. I like this a lot because it reminds me of stormy nights curled up by the fireplace reading a book with tea as opposed to an earthy bonfire night dancing with alcohol scent. The vanilla is definitely there, and becomes more prominent in the dry-down, but is more of a backdrop to the smoky wood (cedar?) with a minty fir aspect. 7/10.

Vanilla Amber: Goodness this is yummy, I will simply have to buy a full bottle of this. It’s a soft, warm and cozy Oriental Gourmand. The amber is very rich and almost honeyed whilst the vanilla is a unique vanilla bean. The other notes of coconut, cardamom and sandalwood blend perfectly around this lovely creation. I recommend layering this with Woodsmoke and Vanilla. 8/10.

Black Cocoa: Dark chocolate. This is literally black cocoa. This is one of the closest to real chocolate scents I have come across. It’s rich and dark – not sweet or really even edible. There’s a woody aspect to it (cedar and sandalwood). It’s a bit dramatic and strong for me but I admire it. 6/10

I do get a slight soapy scent from these sometimes though. They are mostly skin scents but have a bit of throw and last about 3 hours.