White Musk Smoky Rose by The Body Shop Review

White Musk Smoky Rose by The Body Shop 30ml EDT for $35 NZD

Notes: Bergamot, pink pepper and black currant, tobacco blossom, black rose, orange blossom, immortelle, olibanum and white musk.

I bought this for a friend of mine but thought I should review it first. Upon first spray, after the alcohol settles, it reminds me of something sweet and mysterious from the nineties that I can’t place. I get black current and rose enhanced by pink pepper as well as something close to caramel toffee.

It’s a little bit smoky (tobacco blossom and olibanum) which, along with the rose, makes me think masquerade. It creates a dry-ice enigmatic fog kind of smoky atmosphere as opposed to heady incense one. It’s slightly resinous and spicy which blends perfectly with it’s sweeter aspects. It is indeed plum in colour and rather airy.

The rose, berry and musk are the stars. It’s soft and graceful but not really dark and intoxicating. It’s somewhat charming and illusive with a dash of sultry. It’s lingers and trails. It’s quite warm and cosy but clean as well. At times it has a slightly soapy aspect. It becomes almost powdery and vanillic when it dries down. The musk shines as the base and whispers throughout the composition. It has low to medium sillage but after an hour or so hours it settles into a skin-scent and lasts for about 4 hours. I might have to buy a bottle of this for myself. 7/10.

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Miss Dior Cherie by Dior Review

Miss Dior Cherie by Dior                                                           EDP Discontinued

Notes: Strawberry, tangerine, caramel, popcorn, violet,  jasmine, patchouli, cherry, rose, amber and musk.

I was given a small bottle of this when I was a young teenager so it was what I would use when I was going out to a fancy dinner or party. I got this out when I started my perfume obsession earlier in the year and was utterly desolate when I learned that it had been discontinued.

Since I only have about 4ml of this left I really want another bottle. I smelt the new Miss Dior at my local department store and it smells nothing like this unique beauty. Miss Dior Cherie is a happy, sparkly, sweet, champagne scent. The opening is slightly fruity with tangerine and a touch of pineapple before a gorgeous syrupy strawberry and cherry comes into play. Caramel, popcorn and rose bloom in it’s heart before the patchouli and amber take it.

It’s light, musky and sweet. I mostly get a strawberry, caramel, patchouli musk and it’s so unique. It does have a slightly carnival aspect with the caramel and popcorn. The patchouli tones it down a bit whilst simultaneously making it slightly sexy. I get rose but, thankfully, don’t get jasmine. It gets powdery as it dries down.

This is a little bit of everything. Floral. Fruity. Gourmand. Chypre. It’s so bubbly and cheerful. It smells like a nice rich girl doing some shopping at a mall. Whenever I wear this is makes me happy. Sillage and longevity are moderate. 7.5/10.


Jua by Trilogy Review

Jua by Trilogy                                                         7.5ml Oil for $25 NZD at a local pharmacy

Notes: Top notes are bergamot, rose and freesia; middle notes are apricot, olibanum and mint; base notes are cedar, vetiver and vanilla.

This is a New Zealand (yay!) natural perfume oil which is super awesome. Sunflower oil is the base of the fragrance so it does have whispers of Sunflower which adds to the vibe of this perfume. I get very little bergamot but a lot of rose and freesia which carry most of the fragrance.

A soft vanilliac apricot, slightly smoky olinanum and a touch of mint come into play to make Jua unique. It’s still mostly freesia to me with a bit of a grassy-hay vetiver and a touch of cedar to give it a woody aspect at it’s base. It does have a slight soapy scent at times. It’s warm, feels like a hug from a mother or rolling around in grass on a summers day. It reminds me of my childhood and has a kind of strange mature innocence to it.

It’s a bright, sunny, subtle and slightly-green Oriental Floral perfume. The sillage is soft to medium and it lasts about 2-3 hours on me. It’s a Spring scent and since Jua means ‘sun’ or ‘sunshine’ in Swahili it’s very accurate. It’s not exactly my kind of thing but I like it and some money from sales will go to charity. 5.5/10.


OlivineAtelier Sample Review


I bought a sample set of six perfume oils from OlivineAtelier on Etsy for $38 NZD. This was my first perfume sample purchase in early 2014 so it holds a special place in my heart. I had no idea where my perfume adventures would take more nor did I know much about what notes I liked – ie I realized I’m not a fan of white florals, especially Jasmine.

Full Regalia is quite dry, light, sweet and powdery. I can smell a sweet vanilla and – a lot of – jasmine before it settles into a gentle musk on me. It smells very feminine, borderline girly, on me. The image it brings to mind is of a young Victorian women in a pastel-pink lacy corset with a hint of something darker/mysterious. Not much like the racehorse description…maybe it’s my body chemistry. 6/10.

She Belongs There is very floral with the jasmine being particularly strong. It settles into something lighter once it dries down and after a while I can finally smell the vanilla but the jasmine, which I don’t really like, remains the star of the show. 4.5/10.

Olivine is very light, wet, fresh and musky to my nose which was a pleasant shock because I was expecting a full on blast of gardenia. It very accurately matches its description and I actually kind of like the subtle gardenia in this one. It smells like sitting by the riverside to me in a white flowy skirt. OH WOAH – AFTER A WHILE THE GARDENIA KICKS IN AND BECOMES RATHER STRONG. 5/10.

More Than The Stars is quite strong when you first put it on, I think it’s the Stargazer Lily coming through, and I like how obvious the top note of almond is . It’s a bit too floral for me at the start but I love when it settles down into its base notes; the Sandalwood, Vanilla and Musk are glorious. It really does feel like gazing at the stars from a blanket on grass with your lover next to you. It’s quite mature, almost motherly and probably the most sensual of the lot. I might actually buy a FB of this. 7/10.

Amongst the Waves lives up to its description of being a gentle beachy breeze. I can smell the sea salt and a various types of Lily which I think are actually nicely subtle and not overwhelming at all. The base of musk, sandalwood and tonka is glorious – that’s exactly how bases should work! It’s a nice warm, comforting exotic floral-oriental scent. I think layering this with my Madagascan Vanilla from the Body Shop would be amazing. I might actually buy a FB of this. 7/10.

Oxley starts with a strong burst of Gardenia and Jasmine which is, of course, just a bit too floral for me but I like how it blends with the vanilla and musk. It does feel like a partner to Olivine, it’s the warm and deep to Olivine’s cool and light. Could be unisex. 5/10.

I found all of the oils had medium to strong sillage and lasted for a decent 5ish hours. It was gorgeously packaged with a unique style and stability to it. I love the branding as well as the promoting of self love and care that Julie embodies with her products.