Vanille Bourbon Osmo Absolu by Il Profvmo Review

Vanille Bourbon Osmo Absolu by Il Profvmo                         50ml EDP for $135 USD from Luckyscent

Notes: Orchids (bourbon and yellow), heliotrope, tiare, amber, vanilla and rosewood.

On my vanilla adventures I found this gorgeous and almost entirely unique perfume. It’s a ridiculously pure, rich, milky and silky bourbon vanilla. It’s airy, light and elegantly whispers to you. It’s quite simple and linear but that adds to it’s charm. It’s warm and soothing with a touch of sweetness. I do get a small accord of floral notes (especially heliotrope) but they sit background to the Vanilla and enhance this perfume nicely.

It smells luxurious, one could bathe in this stuff and it’s perfect for layering. It’s a soft, simple and subtle perfume with low to moderate sillage but is quite long lasting. It’s easygoing, a brisk walk round the block with a smile before doing some baking. It feels rather happy and uplifting.

This is a perfume that every vanilla lover should try as it is close to pure vanilla extract and is far away from cheap cupcake vanilla. I might buy a full bottle of this at some point – a 7.5/10 for me.