My bottle of Tihota (a Christmas present to myself) finally arrived a couple of days ago after being on backorder for a couple of months. In it’s honour I’ve upgraded it’s rating from 9 to 9.5. For anyone on the edge of buying it I urge you to jump. It’s incredible and the lasting power is ridiculous – it lasts like 12 hours on me! 🙂

Tihota by Indult Reveiw

Tihota by Indult              37401                                           50ml EDP for $200 USD from Luckyscent

Notes: Vanilla bean and musks.

Tihota was one of the first samples I purchased from Luckyscent. I was recommend it as the Holy Grail (costs as much too) of Vanilla since I love the note so much. On first application I get a wonderfully creamy vanilla musk. Almost like vanilla ice-cream. It’s warm, simple, mature, light and kind. You can tell that these are high quality ingredients and I don’t get any alcoholic/chemical aspects from this.

I was initially disappointed when I first tried this because I’d hyped it up too much and was expecting it to blow my vanilla world away. It didn’t. But as time went on I begin to appreciate it more and more. I have little left of this beautiful liquid in my sample so I’ve been saving it. When I decided I’d do a review of Tihota today I was very happy that I would get to wear it again.

Tihota means ‘Sugar’ in Polynesian which makes sense as it is sweet and pure. It’s not too sweet though so have no fear. It has a slightly burnt caramel aspect and a hint of smoked wood at it’s end. It’s like a comfy blanket and the best of dreams. It’s a loving hug. It’s bottled joy. It’s radiant. It’s a sun glare. There’s no fruity or floral aspects it’s just the pure vanilla (bean). It’s a subtle aroma scent that lasts all day and suits me. I have had so very many compliments when wearing this. People instantly gravitate towards you. It’s such a happy and warm scent.

I will buy it when I have a spare $200 around but in the meantime I bought a bottle of Vanilla Lace by Victoria’s Secret because I heard they were rather similar. They are but Vanilla Lace smells much cheaper, has an alcoholic initial spray and the ingredients aren’t as fine or deep as Tihota. I’ll do a separate review on VL at some point. This is one of my favourites and a 9.5/10 perfume.